Accelerators programs, lack of Soft Skills

The model of Accelerator Program was born in 2005 with the launch of YCombinator in the US, followed by Techstars in 2006. Its origins lie with early incubator models, however, they have a completely different business model and use a lean startup approach. Seedcamp was the first accelerator founded in Europe, in 2007, by a group […]

Entrepreneurs: the new era that can change the world

Last week Web Summit really succeed in his first year in Lisbon. Many speakers sharing their projects, opinions, predictions and advices mainly for entrepreneurs in tech startups. We would like to share some ideas that we consider relevant for this new era for entrepreneurs. One big impact information is from Rowan Trollope, SVP & GM – […]

Mindfulness – in a new entrepreneurship perspective

It has being a pleasure to work with Iago Corsanego, the Mindfulness Expert who is going to be in the next program in Viana. From a Psychologist and Mindfulness perspective to an entrepreneurship point of view and experience, we are working for the improvement of the program for entrepreneurs and to have the best results. What […]