The answer: “are entrepreneurs stressed or not during an Accelerator Program?”

The main aim of this study and research was to assess the stress level of individuals in the context of an accelerator program. One hundred and eleven subjects (n = 111) volunteered to participate and completed a brief online questionnaire between March and April of 2017. The screening survey included a total of five questions. […]

Mindfulness benefits from research and studies

Mindfulness benefits’s research and studies have been done in recent years. Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School affirm that meditating can change your brain. And she tested the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in brain scans. Starting with her own experience she noticed that she was calmer with the practice […]

Burnout: every opportunity has an opportunity cost

It is time to be honest about how brutal is to build a company and the price so many founders secretly pay Said an article of Inc. by Jessica Bruder. Many founders are just amazing CEOs and have business success as Elon Musks, an example of an extreme entrepreneur with really high motivation and resilience […]