Research: ” are entrepreneurs stressed or not during an Accelerator Program?”

HENKÔ Experience is an established concept, focused on the development of key Soft Skills through surf and mindfulness experiences both for entrepreneurs and leaders from startups in Accelerators, Corporates and Business Schools. Last year, we developed a research project during 6 weeks (from 15 May to 30 June), contacting 310 mentors from 31 Accelerators and […]

Deep work, the ability for thriving in the New Economy

For thriving in the new economy, we need first to understand which changes happen in our work life. Are we conscious that we are living in a current distracted world? The social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc combined with smartphones are the perfect combination for the non attention of workers. In the last decade, a new […]

Juan Freire appointed to HENKÔ Advisory Board

Madrid, Spain – January 13, 2017 –HENKÔ Experience program, an established and solid program focus on the development of the Soft Skills making leaders, managers and executives better leaders, team members and people, announce the appointment of Juan Freire to HENKÔ’s Advisory Board, effective immediately. Juan Freire will join a distinguished group of advisory board members. […]