Through an intensive three-day program, participants – accompanied by the best experts in each field, will discover through a combination of workshops, group work, yoga exercises, meditation, and practical sessions of surfing the capabilities of self-discovery, resilience, concentration, attention, motivation, patience, observation, and leadership that will allow them to face any challenge with confidence.

The framework of the program is similar over the three days of the program. The morning begins with Yoga and meditation sessions, as preparation for the practice of surfing. After breakfast, the day’s ocean experience begins with the surfing experts, who will help the participants to implement and realize the different analogies which arise in the afternoon’s work.

During the afternoon and into the night, the analogies encountered during the morning will be considered and discussed by developing them which will ultimately aid each participant to reach their goals with the analogies that we put in practice with surf.

At the end of the program participants are given a guide with activities and exercises that can be performed both inside and outside the workplace, to reinforce the experiences, and measure their personal results from the HENKÔ program.


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HENKÔ – 'Life Balance & Surf'_Video Presentacion Programa from HENKÔ on Vimeo.