HENKÔ Experience, innovative program for Accelerators

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We are announcing now a new Henkô edition especially designed for the needs of startups in accelerators that has been tested experimentally with experts in the last months.

Last October, in Viana do Castelo we had a special program with mentors that came from London, Hamburg and Amsterdam. We had the honor to receive David Fogel from Wayra UK, Sebastian Johnston from Next Media Accelerator, Willem Wijnans from Rockstart, May Gorfinkel from RCA, Juan Freire from XTribe and Khalil Boutaour from BecomeWide.


We have been working in the last months in the design of a program for entrepreneurs who are participating in accelerators programs, and we had tested and validated it thanks to these Experts. These Experts are not only mentors, they are high standard professionals, serial entrepreneurs, investors, directors, etc. With their expertise and experience we could improved and adapted the program for the development of the soft skills.

The accelerators have difficulties to identify, monitor and develop the Soft Skills of the Startup Founders and Managers. We propose an experimental, fact-based, approach for a few selected accelerators based in the comparative analysis of performance of startups that participate or not participate in HENKÔ program.

We will help the startup founders in four concrete situations or moments:

  • When they need to make hard decisions that mean assuming risks in an uncertain environment and with few resources available
  • When they are lost in their strategy and/or need to pivot but they don’t know or don’t know how
  • Before their pitch to investors and when they have to negotiate with them
  • But also after that the entrepreneur is left another time alone after the accelerator program

During the program in a natural environment as the ocean and the beach and accompanied by experts you have the chance of doing a break in your routine life to reflect about yourself to:

  • understand what means to be an entrepreneur
  • evaluate yourself as a founder, leader or manager
  • discover more about your strengths and skills
  • what are your limitations, what things keep you motivated, and what are your fears and how you face them 
  • the experience in nature to be aware about the importance of life balance to be a successful professional

HENKÔ is designed for the best Accelerators to help them to achieve their goals and keep being the most innovative ones in the market.

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