“Finding our purpose requires stillness and solitude”

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Finding our purpose requires stillness and solitude

If you connect your leadership with your purpose – that thing which ignites you and makes you come alive- you will become a beacon for those around you. The world needs leaders that genuinely seek to live in harmony with nature. In HENKÔ we choose the ocean to be connected with the nature. You can feel your body but also the movement of the water.

A leader’s job is to become a touchstone of wisdom, awareness and compassion. And it is the work we do on ourselves that becomes the cauldron from which our leadership emerges. The best leaders in the world find what they really care about, and almost everything else flows from this point.

‘Understanding our place in the cosmos is a vital leadership awareness for this century’ mentioned by Chris Nicols

Historically, the approach to leadership training has been conceptual, in other words, all in the head. What frameworks, what skills, what classroom-based instruction would prove most effective in training and developing news leaders? By now we should admit that thinking and conceptualizing our way into a new way of leading simply won’t work. New-paradigm leadership requires congruency of heart, body, mind and soul.  We need to see our physical form as a finely engineered home for our consciousness, and treat it as such. What’s is important is that we acknowledge where we are, accept and love ourselves exactly as we are. And from that place, begin to make healthier choices. In doing so, we ensure that the physical form is there as a vessel for our leadership. As we begin to honor and work from the inside out, we increase our awareness of the way the body moves, of the space we take up both physically and energetically.




Being aware of how we inhabit the body, of our physical carriage and the quality of our presence, is an important skill in life, not just in leadership. And what’s is presence? Is a kind of deep listening for a future that wants to emerge. This is what we work on HENKÔ experience program during the surf activity, users need to be open to sensing what wants to be emerge. Presence is therefore a cultivation of depth and awareness, a way of being, a surrendering to the present moment. By holding this space of intense listening and sensing, as a leader you will be able to create more space for those around you, allowing them to be more creative.

This post was based on the book “How to be a Leader” by Martin Bjergegaard & Cosmina Popa


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