Through an intense experience that combines surfing, mindfulness and yoga, HENKÔ can trigger anyone to start their journey of self-discovery, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and learn to meet the challenges of any new entrepreneurial, intraprenurial or personal project.


In Henkô it is one of the basic skills, as it is well identified in t he analogy of Surf and Entrepreneurship. Not only is the capacity and flexibility of facing crisis or potentially traumatic situations but also the ability to emerge stronger from them.


Science in recent years has shown that our ability to focus and attention allows us to go far beyond not only in the personal and professional performance but also have more permanent states of happiness. Meditation is one of the tools that allow us to train the return from a state of distraction (sensory and emotional) to a state of attention and focus.


Know ourselves gives us a sort of a roadmap where navigate without getting lost. Means learning about our emotions, reactions and the potential we have to face situations of conflict and what we consider threats. Across several tools, in Henkô you going to experience an immersion in your own essence.


Patience is one of the most important abilities that emerge in the analogy of Henkô, at the Surf and Entrepreneurship. Without which one can hardly perform essential tasks and projects. Patience shows that we understand and assume that things have to unfold in its proper time. This is one of the main characteristics of Mindfulness.


One of the most important in all the HENKÔ programs is the observation skill and the ability to constantly put in the position of the observer and the conscious observation from everything around us and ourselves. The power of observation helps us to understand and change many of the patterns that surround and limit us.


With Henkô comes up a new approach to leadership, a format which allows us to be more responsible towards the our environment and people around us, especially by first identifying our state, emotions and feelings and thus, make more conscious and powerful choices.