The answer: “are entrepreneurs stressed or not during an Accelerator Program?”

The main aim of this study and research was to assess the stress level of individuals in the context of an accelerator program. One hundred and eleven subjects (n = 111) volunteered to participate and completed a brief online questionnaire between March and April of 2017. The screening survey included a total of five questions. […]

Premios El Mundo ZEN Adecco 2017

Nos complace compartir con vosotros que HENKÔ Experience fue premiado el pasado día 15 de junio por los Premios Mundo ZEN Adecco 2017 de El Mundo y Adecco. Fuimos ganadores del tercer premio en la categoria de mejor proyecto emprendedor. Todo un honor para nuestro proyecto y sobretodo compartirlo con los demás premiados en las distintas […]

Research: ” are entrepreneurs stressed or not during an Accelerator Program?”

HENKÔ Experience is an established concept, focused on the development of key Soft Skills through surf and mindfulness experiences both for entrepreneurs and leaders from startups in Accelerators, Corporates and Business Schools. Last year, we developed a research project during 6 weeks (from 15 May to 30 June), contacting 310 mentors from 31 Accelerators and […]